Market Track

Market TrackIn June 2008, MCP led a leveraged recapitalization of Market Track, the leading subscription-based services provider tracking printed and online advertising circulars in North America. The Company's premier service offering allows end-users across multiple functional areas to rapidly analyze and compare print advertising placed by hundreds of product manufacturers within dozens of retail channels of distribution. Through Market Track's proprietary database, both manufacturers and retailers can improve sales force effectiveness, increase ROI on co-op advertising dollars spent, ensure compliance with financial control requirements, reduce overhead manpower and perform other essential commercial functions. Market Track was created in January 2004 via the consolidation of the two largest retail print ad tracking suppliers in the United States (Market Advantage and Advertising Processing Inc.), and now covers over 100 geographic markets within North America.


In August 2012, Market Track was sold to Aurora Capital Group.

Date of Investment: June 2008
Date of Sale: August 2012
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MCP Contact: Charles Yoon