STS Medical Group

STS MedicalSTS Medical Group, established in October 2012, is among the principal European players in custom procedure trays (CPT) and medical devices, with a consolidated turnover of approximately €65 million in 2014 and 900 employees. STS Medical Group operates in four main lines of business: CPTs; CPT components such as drapes, gowns and gauze; protective clothing and medical devices. The company’s products are used in surgical theatres in public and private hospitals, as well as in healthcare facilities, local health services, nursing homes, wholesalers and pharmacies. STS Medical Group operates through subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and Bulgaria and sells its products in all major European markets. The company has manufacturing locations in Germany and in Bulgaria, where STS Medical Group now benefits from one of the largest and most technologically advanced production hubs for medical devices in Eastern Europe.

Date of investment: October 2012
MCP Contact: Stephen Lehman