Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage CadenceIn June 2010, MCP completed a leveraged recapitalization of Mortgage Cadence, a provider of mortgage technology solutions to leading financial institutions in the United States. The Company's Orchestrator loan origination system is a high-end software solution based around a customizable rules engine that enables both the Company and its customers to quickly adapt the software to various business and/or lending needs. In addition, Mortgage Cadence offers the Finale document management system, enabling customers to electronically produce the necessary closing documents for mortgage loans. Mortgage Cadence's third core offering, the Loan Modification Module, enables clients to efficiently modify mortgage loans under both proprietary and federally-sponsored modification programs. Based in Denver, Colorado, Mortgage Cadence was founded by entrepreneurs in 1999 and has since grown to become a recognized leader and innovator in the mortgage technology industry.


In July 2013, Mortgage Cadence was sold to Accenture.

Date of Investment: June 2010
Date of Sale: July 2013
MCP Contact: Adam Doctoroff