VeridianIn September 1999, MCP completed an equity investment in Veridian Corporation, a $600 million provider of information technology and network security and applied science and engineering services to the U.S. intelligence community and military services, and to the civilian and commercial sectors. Veridian's systems are used by military and government agencies to protect information, personnel, and other high-value assets and to support intelligence collection and strategic and tactical operations and by commercial enterprises to enhance and secure corporate information networks. MCP's equity investment was used to facilitate the acquisition by Veridian of three companies: MRJ Technology Solutions, Trident Data Systems and ERIM International. MRJ, Trident and ERIM all have unique technologies, strong information technology and network security capabilities and strengthen Veridian's position as a leading provider of full service, end-to-end information and network security solutions.

Approximately three years after MCP's investment, Veridian completed an initial public offering of its stock. In August 2003 all of Veridian's oustanding shares were acquired by General Dynamics Corporation.

General Dynamics (NASDAQ: GD) acquired Veridian in August 2003.

Date of Investment: September 1999
Date of Sale: June 2003
MCP Contact: Travis Metz