Reverse Logistics Group: Transaction with Reclay Holding regarding Vfw

Unification strengthens product portfolio and market position of the extended Reclay Group

Dornach, Switzerland, March 29, 2012 -- The Reclay Holding GmbH has acquired Vfw GmbH from Reverse Logistics GmbH (RLG). RLG, whose main owner is the private equity company Monitor Clipper Partners, becomes the new minority shareholder of Reclay Holding alongside the shareholders Raffael A. Fruscio and Martin Schürmann. No other details of the transaction have been disclosed. The acquisition is subject to approval under cartel law, which is expected by the end of April.

"The aim of the transaction is the strategic expansion of the Reclay Group product portfolio as well as to safeguard a relevant company size in the dual systems market. After careful consideration of various strategic options, we decided that a unification of Vfw and Reclay Group would work out best," commented Patrick Wiedemann, CEO of the Reverse Logistics Group.

The Reclay Group is active in the area of environmental and waste disposal management. Its specialized companies provide services throughout the entire supply chain of packaging disposal and recycling as well as for sustainable management. Vfw is a Reverse Logistics Group company and has established itself as a specialist in return systems for packaging, batteries and electrical appliances in addition to the fulfillment of legal recycling and waste disposal obligations as specified in the packaging ordinance. The acquisition will strategically expand the range of services offered by Reclay Group particularly in the area of return solutions.

The customer structures of both companies also complement each other ideally. While the Reclay Group focuses on advisory services for major customers in particular from the food industry, Vfw advises smaller and mediumsized customers from specific areas such as medicine or the building sector. Raffael A. Fruscio, shareholder of the Reclay Group, remarked: "We are looking forward to offering new possibilities to the customers of both companies, with even more extensive waste disposal solutions from a single source. The Reclay Group can therefore provide a unique range of environmentally rele-vant services in the area of closed substance cycle waste management."

The integration of Vfw into the Reclay Group is expected to be completed by the end of this year. "There will be no changes for employees, customers and suppliers of Vfw at first, and business will continue reliably," added Fruscio. The exact modalities will be defined in the coming weeks and months.

In addition, the acquisition of Vfw's dual system will enable the Reclay Group to expand its position in this market. "This is also a sign that the Reclay Group is committed to the dual systems market in the long term. A consolidation process must take place in this area in order to permanently safeguard the local collection service," stated Martin Schürmann, shareholder of the Reclay Group.

The acquisition was also supported by structural considerations: neither company is connected to a waste disposal company. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RLG, Peter S. Laino said: "Unlike the dual systems that are dominated by a waste disposal contractor, as innovative companies the Reclay Group and Vfw have always retained their orientation on customer needs, and have only developed products that correspond to their interests. This commitment to the customer fits in excellently."