Veridian Completes Acquisition of Trident Data Systems, MRJ Technology Solutions and ERIM International

Provides a unique set of end-to-end information assurance technologies required to protect government agencies and private businesses from cyber threats

Provides a unique set of end-to-end information assurance technologies requires to protect government agencies and private businesses from cyber threats

Solidifies market leadership in information technology and security, and applied science and engineering

Creates a company of more than 4,500 professionals with pro-forma revenues of $600 million

With the closing of its most recent acquisitions this week, Veridian Corporation now offers the comprehensive information technology and protection capabilities needed to guard public institutions and private companies from the growing dangers presented by cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism, and hackers. The information security capabilities, knowledge management tools, and other technologies of Trident Data Systems, MRJ Technology Solutions and ERIM International, combined with Veridian's existing competencies, produce a company uniquely qualified to protect government agencies and private companies from cyber threats.

The expanded information and infrastructure protection resources will provide Veridian's government and commercial customers with direct access to world-class capabilities addressing the most vital emerging business needs, such as network integrity and e-commerce security. These capabilities will be especially useful in those infrastructure areas and markets where Veridian's more than 50 years of experience and reputation for integrity yield considerable domain knowledge and leadership.

Veridian now employs more than 4,500 computer scientists and software development engineers, systems analysts, scientists, engineers and other professionals serving customers at more than 45 locations in the U.S. and overseas. The company occupies a leadership position in the information technology and advanced engineering segments of the government and commercial markets. Pro-forma revenues for this privately held company will reach $600 million. Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

"The acquisition of these three superb companies — MRJ, Trident and ERIM International—represents a significant strategic achievement in our effort to build an unparalleled set of information security, information technology and advanced engineering solutions for our government, commercial and international customers," said David H. Langstaff, Veridian chief executive officer. "With the combined knowledge base of Veridian, Trident, ERIM and MRJ, we have created a unique ability to design, develop, deliver, operate and maintain trusted information solutions for the network-enabled future."

While these acquisitions extend Veridian's information assurance and security, and infrastructure protection capabilities significantly, they also complement and enhance the company's capacity in other important markets and business areas. In fact, the transactions provide comprehensive and complementary capabilities for delivering full-service information and engineering solutions that include:

• Critical infrastructure protection.

• Secure network integration.

• Information warfare.

• Simulation, modeling and training.

• Data mining and information fusion.

• High-performance computing.

• Advanced imaging and sensor technology.

• Space systems support.

• Aeronautics engineering support

• Nuclear, biological, and chemical test and detection.

• Human factors engineering.

• Intelligent transportation systems.

"We are particularly excited about the potential of our new company," said Michael Farmer, Veridian's newly appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer. "We have brought together four companies that have independently developed reputations for hiring and retaining the most talented engineers and professionals, for providing outstanding service to their customers, and demonstrating technical leadership. In fact, all four of these companies are credited with developing and deploying technological breakthroughs in critical areas of global security and safety."

The combination of these four companies, Langstaff said, will result in better, more extensive and more creative service for existing customers. "It has special significance to Veridian's customers throughout the intelligence community," he said, "since all elements of the former Veridian and each of the new companies have a significant presence in the intelligence community. We are now even better postured to meet the emerging, changing and future needs of those intelligence customers with whom we have had long, successful partnerships."

Veridian's acquisition of these three companies at the same time presented a particularly great challenge. "But, it was the right thing to do," said Langstaff. "Our strategic processes identified these three companies as the right ones to be brought into the Veridian family. We were so confident that these were the right partners, we elected to undertake the very difficult task of acquiring all at once. Veridian is fortunate to have strong and committed investors, led by Boston-based Monitor Clipper Partners that provided both strategic and financial support."

ERIM International (EI) is a leader in information technologies related to imaging systems, information extraction, and knowledge generation and dissemination. EI has more than 550 employees of whom 450 live in Michigan. EI operates with close ties to universities, government agencies, and industries. Major customers include the national intelligence community, the Departments of Defense and Transportation, and automotive manufacturers.

Based in Fairfax, Va., MRJ is an information technology and engineering services company with expertise in network systems, simulation and modeling, high performance computer applications, decision support, and engineering analysis. The company employs 800 professionals with major operations in the Washington, D.C., area; Denver; Tucson, Ariz.; Sunnyvale, Calif.; and Orlando, Fla. Bowles Hollowell Conner and Co., the capital markets arm of First Union Bank in Charlotte, N.C., served as financial advisor to Veridian in connection with the acquisition of MRJ.

With corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, Trident Data Systems employs computer scientists, software development engineers and other professionals providing IT services, infrastructure protection and systems integration solutions to the federal, defense, intelligence and commercial markets. Major areas of operation are Washington, D.C.; San Antonio, Texas; Los Angeles; Colorado Springs, Colo.; and space launch facilities at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., and Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Veridian is a privately held company providing trusted information solutions for global security and safety with headquarters in Alexandria, Va. For more information about ERIM International, MRJ Technology Solutions, Trident Data Systems and Veridian, access their web sites at www.erim-int.com, www.mrj.com, www.tds.com and www.veridian.com.

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