Veridian Awarded Five-Year Air Force Contract to Conduct Bio-Effects Research and Development

Arlington, Va., April 23, 2002 -- Veridian has been awarded a five-year contract valued at $27.2 million (if full funding is received) to conduct exploratory research and development at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, on the biological effects of directed energy and detection of biological hazards on battlefields. The contract effort will focus on how radio frequency energy and biological hazards affect humans in the air and on the ground.

"This is essential research for the U.S. armed forces," said Ron Hill, vice president, Human Systems." Today's battlefield has sources of radio frequency energy (RFE)—such as radar—from friendly and enemy sides. Our investigations will explore how to detect this energy, how to measure its potential effects on the human body, and how to protect U.S. military forces. We will examine a broad range from RFE effects on combat forces' performance to changes at the cellular level."

Hill said that research under the contract would also include "active denial," which has particular application to terrorism. Active denial uses directed-energy tools to deny access to secured areas. Veridian's work in support of the Air Force Research Laboratory also involves measuring the biological effect of non-lethal weapons. Today's forces often want to apply force without the harmful effects of conventional weapons. The company will analyze the biological potential for harm to minimize the risk of these weapons. Finally, Veridian will work on detection of hazardous biological agents used in battle.

About Veridian
Veridian is a leading provider of information-based systems, integrated solutions and services to the U.S. government. The company specializes in mission-critical national security programs, primarily for the intelligence community, the Department of Defense, law enforcement and other U.S. government agencies, and employs 5,200 professionals at more than 50 locations. Veridian has supported Air Force research into directed energy and biological hazards for two decades. The company is the largest provider of human systems technology services to the Department of Defense. www.veridian.com

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