SmartMail Improves Postage Discounts for Business Shippers

July 18, 2001 -- Consumers focus on a "penny per postcard" increases; Businesses confront up to 24-cent increases for heftier mail.

While the public is focused on the "penny per postcard" price increase from the U.S. Postal Service that began July 1, businesses are confronted with price hikes as much as 24 cents for their heavier mail. Business shippers can seek financial relief through substantial postage discounts offered by SmartMail Services, a leading mail expediter for flats and lightweight parcels. SmartMail's own revised rates will not go into effect until August 20, and the company will actually improve their current discount to a new level of 9-17% off USPS First Class™ rates.

"Because our company has grown in size and productivity, we are actually able to absorb some of the increased USPS cost, allowing us to provide greater savings to our customers," said Jim Martell, chief executive officer of SmartMail Services. "Postage discounts are just one of the savings we provide our customers. Our other valuable services, such as ZIP Code correction, save money and time by moving the mail more accurately and rapidly."

Through its innovative business model and workshare partnership with the USPS, SmartMail collects business customers' flat size mail pieces and light-weight parcels, individually processes them, verifies the weight and address of each piece and routes them to the final USPS delivery destination through a combination of the USPS' expedited services network along with SmartMail's own expedited delivery network, maximizing delivery. SmartMail provides state-of-the-art tracking, accuracy and cost savings.

Based in Atlanta, the privately held company serves customers in the financial, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce and public sectors, including Barnes & Noble.com, CVS Pharmacy, Nissan, Gateway, Talbot's, Tower Records, TD Waterhouse, CitiStreet and Sony Electronics. The company currently operates 11 SmartCenters: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. For more information, visit SmartMail's web site atwww.smartmail.com.

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