Brightech, Torque Systems Announce Mediabeacon Enterprise Software

IGI/EarthColor installs system to enhance service for nationwide clientele

May 23, 2001 -- San Francisco, CA – Torque Systems, Inc. and BrighTech announced MediaBeacon Enterprise, a high-end digital asset management system designed for graphic arts service providers. MediaBeacon Enterprise is a complete solution for managing the flow of images, graphics and other aspects of marketing projects.

IGI Earth Color is a $200 million per year nationwide printer and prepress company, formed from the consolidation of a number of highly successful regional companies. By integrating the MediaBeacon Enterprise solution at their multiple locations, IGI Earth Color has been able to transparently share information about current work in progress, marketing campaigns and branding information. Using standard Web browsers, information sharing takes place within IGI Earth Color and among their clients. Digital asset management systems ensure that the same consistent brand messages can be deployed across multiple channels - print, broadcast and Internet – in real-time. IGI Earth Color's implementation of this live content management system is a pioneering use of technology in the print industry, and is a milestone for this traditionally brick and mortar sector.

MediaBeacon Enterprise includes a number of compelling and unique features, including the ability to create PDF catalogs of image selections with linking capabilities to the database, as well as the ability to browse through a live file system of images without the requirement of complex check-in/check-out workflows or client based software packages. MediaBeacon Enterprise allows multiple levels of system administration with delegated Global, Workgroup and User fields allowing permissions to be delegated to individual users. Users can access, repurpose, change the format and download images for immediate use. The flexible architecture allows complete control of all the XML, Java and Java Beans code for complete developer customization and with unlimited asset capacity making MediaBeacon a powerful product.