MSC CareSync+ Bill Management Maximizes Savings on Each Transaction (Medical Services Company)

Jacksonville, Fla. July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MSC Care Management, a national leader in delivery of medical products and care management solutions to the workers' compensation industry, helps claims professionals save on open and future referrals with its new MSC CareSync+ bill management solution. By directing new and recurring transactions to MSC's nationwide provider network, customers can take advantage of MSC's contracted rates with in-network providers, which are an average of 20 percent below rates billed directly from vendors.

This comprehensive bill management solution identifies opportunities for reduced product and service pricing at any stage.

With prospective referral management, MSC educates claims professionals on the scope of in-network vendor partnerships to achieve savings from the start of a case. Informed claims professionals reduce spending through MSC's pre-negotiated discounts and expertise in DME generic conversions.

If a case is underway, MSC's concurrent re-pricing option can reduce prices by identifying lower cost providers. Unpaid invoices are reviewed by MSC and retrospective price reductions are obtained on behalf of customers. MSC's mutually beneficial arrangements with its largest network providers enable it to leverage volume and steerage opportunities in return for retrospective price reductions.

To identify future savings, MSC conducts retrospective soft channeling by reviewing the customer's monthly comprehensive spends for potential savings on recurring products and services.

"Most claims professionals who are not taking advantage of a bill management solution report that only 35 percent of their purchases are in-network, which means a majority of the purchases are at higher out-of-network rates," explains Joe Delaney, President and CEO of MSC Care Management. "With MSC CareSync+ bill management, MSC associates work with our customers to achieve a targeted goal of 75 to 78 percent in-network vendor penetration. This results in measurable cost savings."

MSC CareSync+ is a value-added service for all MSC customers as part of MSC's commitment to exceptional vendor management and client service.

About MSC
Jacksonville, Fla.-based MSC is the nation's leading care management company serving post-injury workers' compensation patients. The company provides technology-driven solutions with a clinically based foundation to the country's largest workers' compensation insurers, third-party administrators and self-insured employers. By focusing on specialized ancillary services, MSC offers distinct expertise via a single point of contact. MSC's service areas include Catastrophic & Home Health Services, Equipment & Device Management, and Optimal Care Transportation & Translation. For more information, visit http://www.yourmsc.com/.

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