CMC Biologics Announces Appointment of New CEO

Claes Glassell, former CEO of Cerus Corporation, to Take Helm

Copenhagen, Denmark/Seattle, Wash., May 2, 2011 -– CMC Biologics, a leading biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organization, with operations in Copenhagen, Denmark and Seattle, Washington USA, announced today that it has hired Claes Glassell to serve as its Chief Executive Officer. CMC Biologics, a company with 370 employees, is committed to delivering world class, fully integrated, biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing services.

Claes Glassell brings more than 30 years of industry experience to C MC, most recently as CEO of Cerus Corporation and prior to that was President of Cambrex Corp.

"We are thrilled that Claes has joining the CMC executive team," said David Kauffmann, Chairman of the Board, CMC Biologics, and Managing Director of European Equity Partners. "Claes has been on CMC's board of directors for more than 5 years, and has during that time exhibited a broad range of experience and insight of out industry."

"Joining the CMC Executive team at this important time in the Company's lifecycle is a great privilege," said Claes Glassell, The Company has, despite a very challenging environment in recent years, been successful in continuing to realize strong growth. Today, CMC has a very solid order book demonstrating the strength of the Company's world class service offering, management and science team. CMC is positioned to be a highly successful company."

Claes Glassell joined the CMC board of directors in 2005. Claes left the position as President & CEO of Cerus Corporation, Inc. and has previously held senior positions with Akzo Nobel NV, Nobel Industries AB, and Brol Kemi AB. His areas of expertise include 20 years of executive positions in publicly listed Life Sciences companies responsible for bioprocessing, active ingredients business, registered therapeutic agents and various support services.

"Having known and worked with Claes for a number of years I am delighted that he has accepted the position as CEO of CMC," said Mads Laustsen, who is leaving the role as CEO of CMC to take up the position of Chief Science Officer responsible for Technology and Corporate Development. Mads will also join the CMC Board of Directors. "As one of the founders of CMC, I think that Claes brings the best skills and experience to ensure CMC's continued growth. I look forward to working with Claes leading the executive team."

About CMC Biologics
CMC Biologics (www.cmcbio.com) is a leading contract development organization that provides fully integrated biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing services to clients around the world, from its facilities in Europe and the USA. The Company specializes in custom services for the scale-up and cGMP manufacture of protein-based therapeutics for pre-clinical, clinical, and in-market API production. CMC Biologics' wide range of integrated services includes cell line development using its proprietary CHEF1 system, process development and best in class comprehensive analytical and characterization services. CMC Biologics has fully segregated microbial and mammalian cell culture suites and offers both stirred tank and perfusion processes. CMC Biologics is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bothell, Washington near Seattle, USA.

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