Accellos Announces Accellos One Schedule V2.0

Accellos' browser-based dock door scheduling system now supports recurring appointments, reservations, drag-and-drop scheduling and adjustments, and user-definable appointment lifecycle

Colorado Springs, Colo., December 8, 2010 -– Accellos, a leading provider of supply chain execution software solutions, today announced the latest version of its Accellos One Schedule dock door scheduling system.

Accellos One Schedule 2.0 adds support for Microsoft Outlook® style functionality including recurring appointments, reservations, "drag and drop" scheduling and adjustments, and user-definable appointment "lifecycle".

"Our goal with Version 2 was to provide the mid-market with a browser-based solution that could be accessed from inside our customer's enterprise or by their customers, partners and vendors from anywhere," said Ross Elliott, Accellos' CTO. "By leveraging our Workspace framework, Accellos One Schedule does all of that and more."

Utilizing the Accellos Integration Framework, Schedule can be used with the suite of Accellos One supply chain solutions and nearly any other ERP, warehousing, transportation or logistics solution in the marketplace.

Version 2.0 of Accellos One Schedule is currently in limited beta release and is planned for a December 2010 general release.

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