Ed Glotzbach MCP's leadership algined very well with the culture at TPI -- it was a perfect partnership.


TPI is the largest sourcing advisory firm in the world. The Company pioneered the sourcing advisory industry in 1989 to help organizations optimize their business operations through the design, implementation and management of sourcing strategies for important business support processes, and notably in its early days, information technology management functions.

By 2004, TPI had achieved market success with $65 million in revenues and had established a reputation as a prominent, growing information-based services company with expertise in all relevant technology-enabled business domains. Company founders were, however, eager to form a strategic partnership to accelerate its growth globally and expand resources to meet the changing needs of its broad client base. They also wished to diversify their financial holdings and restructure the company to support an employee ownership model. In 2004, Monitor Clipper Partners (MCP) acquired a controlling interest in TPI and helped restructure the company, enabling it to realize its true embedded value.

The restructuring put 46% of the Company's equity in the hands of employees, a critical component for TPI's founders. They believed that taking the wealth that had been created and turning it into employee ownership was an essential factor to maintaining TPI's unique culture. Trust and ethics were paramount to TPI. In MCP, the Company found a partner that would support its unique culture, yet help make changes that would enable it to accelerate growth. Together, MCP and TPI orchestrated plans in board meetings that led to a successful outcome for all parties involved.

With the help of MCP, TPI upgraded its consulting skills and joined forces on a number of strategic assignments. TPI has described this work as a "magical combination" for its clients. With MCP's help, TPI expanded internationally and established several additional domestic growth pathways in Human Resource outsourcing, Government Advisory work and Sourcing management.

During Monitor Clipper Partners' three-year ownership, TPI generated over 20 percent compounded annual growth, with 25% of its revenue coming from outside the U.S. The Company became a leading global sourcing and information services provider and established a blue chip client roster that included AT&T, Bombardier, ChevronTexaco, Goodyear, P&G, Pfizer, PS&G, Singapore Airlines and Volvo. The Company also became widely known for its proprietary TPI Index, which provides industry participants with authoritative information and marketplace intelligence on outsourcing transactions.

TPI was acquired by Information Services Group (NASDAQ: III) for $230 million in November of 2007. ISG was seeking to fund global growth initiatives that would enhance shareholder value and aggressively expand its information-services brands. TPI has proven to be a crucial platform in helping to establish ISG as a premier global information services company.