Market Track

Market Track is the leading subscription-based service tracking retail promotional activities in North America. Through the Company's proprietary database, retailers and manufacturers can track the effectiveness of promotional expenditures and local competitive pricing on nearly a real-time basis

Monitor Clipper Partners acquired a majority interest in Market Track in 2008. The Company's founders were attracted by MCP's understanding of the Company's business model, its successful record transforming companies, and its strategy of partnering with individual owners to enhance the long-term equity value of its portfolio companies. MCP viewed Market Track as a valuable asset with significant market share and attractive operating leverage, but also a company which could benefit meaningfully from MCP's business-building capabilities. Market Track lacked a sales and marketing organization, CFO, acquisition capabilities, and required management and governance upgrades. Monitor Clipper saw a tremendous opportunity to build out Market Track's market and sales initiatives and significantly build its customer base by transforming the database-focused business into the leading provider of subscription-based promotion and pricing intelligence solutions.

Shortly after MCP completed its acquisition, Market Track began developing a series of initiatives focused on enhancing sales growth, improving trade marketing, and building long-term equity value. First, MCP recruited a new CEO and Head of Sales through its networks, while also driving the hiring of several other key executives and implementing a new governance structure. Second, MCP and management implemented a two-phase, four-year growth strategy, starting by strengthening the Company's base business and differentiating its commercial offering, then focusing on extending its capabilities into on-line and mobile promotional activities. Third, the Company developed entirely new commercial capabilities, hiring an entirely new sales force and head of marketing. Last, the Company completed four highly accretive acquisitions that enabled it to enter new industry verticals and the Canadian market.

These efforts transformed the growth profile of Market Track. Company performance had been essentially flat for several years prior to MCP's acquisition. The combination of these transformational programs and the new management team resulted in annual contract value increasing by 60% during MCP's hold period. In 2012, five years after Monitor Clipper's investment, Market Track was acquired by the Aurora Capital Group.